NUGENT GALBALLY GROUP is specifically designed for businesses that cannot devote the time and resources needed to manage collections—but doing so is a key step in maintaining and improving cash flow.

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About Us

Nugent Galbally operates with a clear conviction: - our business success comes from promises kept. From our leadership team, led by our managing partner. Michael Nugent, to our collections and investigations experts who proactively work to attain best of field client outcomes for our clients;

The NUGENT GALBALLY GROUP exemplifies ethical business relationships that yield best market results for all involved. Nugent Galbally specialises in mid to large size business credit solutions for both B2B and B2C clients. With our strong commitment to compliance, quality, innovation and service; we ensure that clients receive the best outcome from their debtors in all circumstances. We are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations and supporting our employees' professional goals. Our Managing Partner has decades of experience in credit risk management from both client side and agency side endeavours. Through his innovative leadership within the industry NUGENT GALBALLY has achieved a leading position in the debt collection space.

This is reflected in our company values...

  • Ethical and compliant approach
  • Client focus
  • Excellent product and sector knowledge
  • Quality team
  • Best of breed technology
  • Quality partners
  • Value for money


“We work to help you recover what you’re owed without jeopardizing the relationships you’ve built with your customers”.

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Using our first party collections insourcing -outsourcing solution NUGENT GALBALLY works with clients to develop a customised solution to better control their accounts receivables process that seamlessly transitions overdue debtors to NUGENT GALBALLY. This well-defined process, with its inbuilt client policy & procedures across your entire credit portfolio, is increasingly becoming the solution of choice with mid to large size businesses.


Client Benefits

Our clients benefit from:

  • Increased control of the receivables process with customised account treatment
  • Data-driven intelligence to better understand delinquencies via comprehensive, real-time reporting tools
  • DSO risk management, improved cash flow, and profitability
  • On-demand access to account activity and reporting via a secure client portal 
  • Reduced recruiting, training, on-boarding, and overhead costs 


Nugent Galbally Approach


Our first-party outsourcing service, is based on a proactive, positive customer service approach. Collections plans are customised to meet the exact requirements of each client, from reminder calls prior to due date to early-stage past due calls, to emails, sms and hard copy letters. We manage our collections process through adherence to ASIC / ACCC compliance standards, which require achievement of higher and ever-improving levels of performance, client satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and productivity.



Third-Party Commercial Collections Features and Benefits

Our commercial debt collection clients benefit from:

  • Expert account handling by collection professionals averaging 20 years of commercial collections experience
  • On-demand access to account activity and reporting via a secure client portal
  • Global commercial collections expertise, including multilingual collectors and a worldwide network of affiliate attorneys and agencies
  • 'No collection – no fee’ policy; collection fees are fully contingent


Elements of Nugent Galballys Third-Party Commercial Collections Process

We work with our clients to develop treatment plans for their accounts, taking into account factors like industry-specific regulations, balance thresholds, average age of debts, and client-specific standards. Key steps of our process may include:

  • In-House Collections: Recovery is performed only by our own personnel under our direct training and supervision.
  • Legal Amicable Efforts: When necessary, our collection representatives will engage a law firm in the jurisdiction of the debtor for escalation. With dedicated partners and law firms in all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand, this is an opportunity to try to recover the debt amicably. 
  • Litigation: When an amicable resolution is unattainable, and it has been determined that a lawsuit may result in collection, Nugent Galbally will make a recommendation, provide suit requirements, and estimate court costs for your review and approval.


Value added services...


Nugent Galbally provide clients with a range of affordable solutions ranging from private investigation support, surveillance and criminal research services. This department is regularly contacted by companies and individuals with concerns regarding a civil or family matter, tracing individuals, anti-social behaviour, criminal research and for advocacy advice, support and guidance regarding a situation that must be resolved swiftly and within the client’s budget.

Clients are able to contact Nugent Galbally 24/7 by email or via the contact page on the website without the need to initially provide any personal details; alternatively you can call our National Office where all enquiries will be handled with complete confidentiality.

Our clients can be assured that Nugent Galbally will complete your instructions from beginning to end whilst pledging to provide a service quote and proposal more in line with your needs than any other Australian investigation and risk management provider.


A transparent and civil way of working guarantees a clear picture for all our clients.


Do you want to know more?

Contact one of our specialists or open a case directly.

Private client services

  • General Investigations
  • Matrimonial & Co-habitation Investigations
  • Missing persons / Location Services
  • Anti-social Behaviour Issues
  • Online Scams & Cyber Bullying
  • Research & Profile Reports
  • Intelligent Covert Surveillance
  • Criminal Research
  • Consultancy & Advisory
  • Due Diligence

Skip tracing...

Nugent Galbally is Australia’s renowned specialist in this complex field of Location Services.

We are used by Government Departments, Financial Institutions, insurers, Law Firms, Liquidators, Realtors, Security Firms and even our peers in the collections and mercantile field to locate people in all sectors of the community across all regions of the Globe.

One of our core strengths has always been our ability to locate people, information, chattels and the “unseen”.  Skip Tracing has been a core activity of our business since inception and we view our work as both a science and an art. Our Skip Tracing efforts are compliant, and investigation based rather than “search & gather” collections based approaches.

Test our Services. Measure our results. Calculate your NROI. Project your NROI against your existing SKIP portfolio. Make your own decision against this evaluation.

Then call us on 1300 711 313 to get the best, most cost effective results.


Legal services

Nugent Galbally Legal Services focuses on engaging the best legal practioner for the client desired legal outcome. We have learnt from experience that the inhouse legal resources is not a sensible approach with debt recovery; due to the broad variation in matters we deal with requiring different specialisations combined with local knowledge that yields the best results.

Our collection representatives will engage the most appropriate law firm in the jurisdiction of the debtor for escalation. With dedicated partners and law firms in all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand, this is an opportunity to try to recover the debt amicably. 


Field Calls

A door knock to an address is a very significant tool in the collection process.

Our field operatives are all extensively trained and licensed to collect arrears. Our field agents will be armed with all the pertinent information regarding that particular debtor, the debt, the contract and the description of the goods.

The primary objective when at the address is to negotiate the collection of the arrears, and in addition, to ascertain the debtor’s contact details and financial position. If we are unable to collect the arrears, then the agent will complete all the details requested on our field questionnaire sheet. This will then paint the ‘financial picture’ of the debtor in question. You will be armed with the information and be able to decide as to what next course of action you may take.

Our trained staff visit these debtors at home, or office, and ensure they acknowledge and commit to paying the debt. This increases the collectability rate by up to 50% for debts as it provides certain contact and communication.

It is not based only on the debtor visitation – it is more based around the quality of the people we use and the visitation approach we take with the debtor. We ensure we use a compliant, fair but firm (non-threatening) approach. Our aim is to ensure through this face-to-face communication, an understanding with the debtor that we will continue to pursue the debt on behalf of our clients.


Process Serving...

Process serving is when one of our skilled field agents, hand delivers a court document to a person, commonly known as the defendant (or debtor). When the court document is delivered, the agent then signs an affidavit confirming the service, and delivers it back to the person who initiated legal proceedings (the plaintiff). The idea behind using an unbiased Process service provider, is to ensure that the defendant received the documents appropriately. Defendants are known to try and avoid receiving the documents, in the hopes that they will avoid court.

A process server can find, deliver and legally confirm that the defendant has received the documents, thereby enabling proceeding to start.

Court issued document such as Summonses, Complaints, Writs, Subpoenas, and other documents can be served.

We cover documents from the Magistrates court (from all states and territories), Supreme and Federal court as well as the District, Family and Children's courts, Law Firms, Government Departments and Local Councils.

Efficient service delivery and legal expertise are the principles on which Australian Legal Field Services are founded on.

We are well versed in the regulations surrounding service of documents in each jurisdiction.


Trusted by major Financiers, Banks and other lenders throughout Australia!

We offer an extensive, reliable and experienced National network of licensed agents.

We place a strong emphasis on continuous Training and Compliance obligation awareness of all our agents and staff to put your mind at ease that the job will done right - the first time, every time!

  • Australia wide
  • Professional & Licensed Agents
  • Vehicle inspection report completed
  • Digital Photographs of security
  • Action within 24 hours of receipt
  • Results, Results, Results


We operate on a national scale, with an experienced team of agents and sub agents; who are actively supported by the best administration team in the industry. Complement this with our leading edge forensic capabilities and secure client access through the Nugent Galbally online portal and you know you can trust who you are dealing with.


Why clients use our repossession services?

  • Experience consistent, high quality service anywhere throughout Australia.
  • Fully compliant with all relevant legislation, industry codes of practices, and your requirements
  • Consistent set of protocols, instructions and practices will be followed by all our repossession agents, across the country
  • State-of-the-art repossession and recovery tracking technology


When you are looking for a reliable, professional, effective and efficient Repossession Agency


Nugent Galbally Group is at your service.

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Why clients choose Nugent Galbally. our success is built on our quality of service combined with meticulous dedication to servicing our clients’ needs with competence, professionalism, and effectiveness in a prompt and complaint manner.

Our aim is to achieve the highest results in the industry for our clients.

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